Delivery and payment: 

Thank you for your interest in our company.

1. Delivery throughout Europe is carried out from our warehouse in Warsaw (Poland) 

Payment can be made in any currency. 

You can pay for the order to the account of our company in Citibank, Netherlands, to the account of our company in PKO BP (Poland) or through PayPal

2. Modes of payment:

- Prepayment

- Payment for the order via PayPal


 3. Delivery methods

The goods can be delivered via

- DPD courier

Delivery price for a parcel up to 32 kg (delivery to the door)

- throughout Poland - PLN 17.15

- DPD courier with a payment on delivery (in Poland)

Delivery price for a parcel up to 32 kg (delivery to the door)

- throughout Poland - PLN 26.11

- Polish Post

Priority parcel

from 0 to 0.5 kg - PLN 18.64
from 0.5 kg to 1 kg - PLN 31.31
from 1 to 2 kg - PLN 39.53


If the buyer is a VAT-EU payer (has a VAT-EU number), the buyer is invoiced with a net price (without VAT).

If the buyer is not a VAT-EU payer (does not have a VAT-EU number), the buyer is invoiced with the gross price for the goods (net price + 23%).

5. The main condition for the procurement is the correct filling of contact information, together with a real, existing email address and telephone number, by which you can confirm the order.

Orders in which contact information was incorrectly filled in (non-existent e-mail or no telephone number) or a response to our specifying e-mail was not received, will not be processed.

6. For regular customers, changes in payment terms are possible, such as

  -  partial prepayment of the order
  - postpayment (payment after delivery)
   - delay of payment

For regular and bulk customers there is a discount system, which is negotiated with the buyer by the conclusion of contracts.

Sending of ordered goods

1. Sending is usually carried out within 1-2 working days after receiving of payment confirmation unless other conditions are agreed with the customer.

2. To accelerate the sending of orders, please send a bank confirmation.

3. Goods for sending are properly packed and protected.

When you receive the sending, please check if it was damaged during sending. No claims will be accepted for shipping damage, which was not found by the receipt.

All complaints about damage of the good are taken into account only accompanied by the damage protocol.

- If the good purchased is delivered by courier, please check the contents of the sending in his/her presence.

- In case of any damage, please complete the damage protocol in a hard copy format by the courier.

We are not responsible for the actions of carriers, so it is important to open the sending upon receipt.

Order and delivery status

1. After sending, we will inform you about the sending number, and hereafter you can track your sending on the carrier's website.