Dielectric Grease

What is Dielectric Grease?

Dielectric Grease is made from high quality Silicone oil and formulated to insulate connectors and protect against humidity, corrosion and arcing. Thickened by the addition of amorphous fumed silica to form a white viscous paste, it does not break down when exposed to high voltage or extreme cold, heat, humidity. Its thickness and hygrophobic properties provides maximal water repelling properties for ultimate oxidation protection.

How to Use Dielectric Grease

Dielectric Grease is commonly used on outdoor lighting, scoreboards, traffic lights, high voltage poles, transformers, disconnects, switching mechanisms, electrical contacts, spark plugs, battery terminals, fasteners, seals, gaskets, plastic insulators, and O-rings. It is useful in marine environments and harsh weather conditions.

Silicone Grease 8462 MG Chemicals

Silicone Grease 8462 MG Chemicals

Hydrophobic gel that offers premium water repellency and protection against corrosion
Brand:MG Chemicals
110.22 zł
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