Carbon paint for RFI shielding, grounding, and creating electrical contacts. Offers superior corrosion resistance. Useful in some electroplating applications where low conductivity is ok. Useful in prototyping when higher resistances are acceptable, such as when painting jumpers or resistors.
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Carbon Conductive Coating MG CHEMICALS 838AR Total Ground™ 

The MG CHEMICALS 838AR Total Ground™ Carbon Conductive Coating is a one-part durable acrylic lacquer pigmented with a highly conductive carbon powder. It utilizes a solvent based system with no heat cure necessary. The cured coating is smooth, hard, and abrasion resistant. It provides strong adhesion to plastics, good conductivity, excellent low frequency shielding, and strong corrosion resistance, even in marine environments.

MG CHEMICALS 838AR Total Total Ground™ is an economical solution for grounding or RFI shielding applications. It may be used in applications such as these:



  • Creating a grounded working surface
  • Shielding control and pickup cavities on electric guitars and other electronic instruments
  • Shielding metal detectors and other devices that malfunction in the presence of metal
  • Other low frequency RFI shielding applications
  • Acting as a conductive adhesive for electrostatic flocking
  • Providing a conductive inner coating in picture tubes
  • Acting as a resistor in prototype circuits
  • Providing electrical conductivity to almost any surfac



  • Cost effective conductive coating
  • Provides >52 dB of RFI shielding at frequencies <1 MHz
  • Volume resistivity of 0.33 Ω·cm
  • Smooth, durable, and abrasion resistant
  • Can be applied by spray or brush
  • Available in aerosol format
  • Available in convenient pen format
  • Quick dry time, no heat cure required
  • Mild solvent system, safe on polystyrenes
  • Strong adhesion to acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate, and other injection molded plastics
  • Excellent adhesion to wood, ceramics, copper, and aluminum
  • Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for marine environments
  • HAP Free; Does not contain toluene or xylene



Technical Datasheet Liquid (TDS, PDF, ENG)

Technical Data Sheet Aerosol (TDS, PDF, ENG)

Technical Data Sheet Pen (TDS, PDF, ENG)


Safety Data Sheets Liquid (MSDS, PDF, ENG)

Safety Data Sheets  Aerosol (MSDS, PDF, ENG)

Safety Data Sheets Pen (MSDS, PDF, ENG)