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Needle ultra high pressure metering valve BV-350 BanSeok


Needle valves are used for the application of small doses of liquids from low to medium viscosity with high accuracy and repeatability.

The valve is opened by pulsating air flow pressure from the valve controller. The spring assists the valve to quickly return to the closed position for immediate shutoff of the flow. The valve has a second air inlet port that closes the valve at a controlled rate, thereby providing increased material metering accuracy. The dose volume can be adjusted by turning the knob at the top of the valve.

The BV-350 is designed to handle high pressure materials.

The BV-350 Ultra High Pressure Needle Valve - Ban Seok has been developed for use with ultra high viscosity materials delivered at pressures up to 300 kgf / cm2. It has an inlet for working material and one inlet to the process air. Can be used with both metal and plastic needles.



BV – 350

Valve type


Maximum feed rate, l / min


Viscosity range of liquids, cp s

1 - pasty

Working air pressure, kgf / cm 2


Maximum fluid pressure, kgf / cm 2


Maximum working speed, cycles / min


Material Login

PT 1/4 ”

Valve working part material

SUS 303

Valve mechanical material

AL 6061

Weight, g


Applicable materials

Silicones, binders, oils, epoxies